Month: March 2021

Writing for Myself

Exploring the benefits of writing for yourself, rather than to a preconceived idea of what agents and publishers are looking for.

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Forever Awesome

I’m awesome, you’re awesome, we’re all awesome. Equally, we’re pretty awful at times. We all make mistakes, carry guilt, have regrets – often for things that have been forgotten by everyone else – and, basically, are human. Social media is a place where mistakes are amplified. Minor infractions seem to get the same…

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Lockdowns: Great for Writers, Not So Great for This Writer

It’s been months since my last blog here. It’s funny; I wouldn’t have previously believed the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” but the past 12 months seems to have proven this to be the case. A by-product of lockdowns and tiered restrictions has been home schooling. And where…

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