Anatomy of a Hardware Review

I’ve been checking through the video reviews I’ve produced for MakeUseOf over the past few years. Since 2015 I’ve filmed and voiced at least 60.

The Demon Headmasters

I attended comprehensive school from 1987-1992. Prior to that I had the opportunity to visit as I was Joseph in my primary school’s Christmas production (a LOT of lines), but only saw the school hall. The actual scale of the school was a mystery until my first day in September 1987, and frankly…

Finding a Hole in the Wall

Setting myself the task of writing a blog post every day for a month – which I committed myself to over the weekend, so let’s see how it goes – is a bit foolish when you don’t actually have more than a few days’ worth of material to consider. This is me, essentially,…

The Ghosts of British Sitcom

I have recently been unwell. A by-product of this – the waking hours, at least – was finally getting the chance to watch Ghosts, the much-loved BBC sitcom/comedy drama (depending on how your bread is buttered on such distinctions). Having already enjoyed the first episode previously, I launched in to episode 2, but……

Goldfinger Wasn’t Goldfinger

James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger is played by Gert Frobe – but voiced by Michael Collins. Why was the well-known German actor’s voice replaced in post-production?

20 Years On: 9/11 Was the Internet’s Greatest Day

In 2001, the WTC was attacked. From the ashes and death, we discovered instant news thanks to the internet. But did this also bear the fruits of online madness we see in social media 20 years later?

The Dead Party Sketch

Parrot Sketch pastiche about the demise of the Labour Party.

Barry Meat Book Update

Many years ago I hosted a short-lived but apparently popular show on Live365, an online radio station. They offered a range of packages, and of course as a northern cheapskate I chose the free option, which meant zero promotion or storage space. Nevertheless, I constructed a handful of episodes in which I chatted…

Blobs and Fanzines

Recalling The Blob, the hand-written magazine project I lead and edited at school, 33 years ago. Isn’t it lucky I didn’t have access to DTP software…?

Writing for Myself

Exploring the benefits of writing for yourself, rather than to a preconceived idea of what agents and publishers are looking for.