Month: July 2008

Rebranding exercise

Here’s a short sketch I wrote recently which no doubt needs some work, as well as a bit of a punchline… ADVERTISING AGENCY MEETING ROOM. PICTURES OF PEGS AND CHARTS AND ACTUAL PEGS AND PEOPLE WITH LAPTOPS AND MORE CHARTS AND BROCHURES. 1st adman: Our client, Rosalie Hearne, has been successfully been manufacturing…

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Canoeing Home for Christmas

[singlepic=59,320,240,,right]With the news that the canoe couple John and Anne Darwin have been sentenced to six years, it stirred a scene of a presumed-dead father paddling across the Atlantic to see his sons in time for Christmas, feigning amnesia. While Quintessential Comedy in no way condones money laundering – we don’t even have…

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Record Breaking Failure

Not so much comedy as insanely optimistic, the a fundraising effort for the North East Air Ambulance resulted in an attempt to break the world record for girls in bikinis in one place failing miserably on Sunday July 20th, on the cold and frigid location of Redcar seafront in North Yorkshire.A paltry 320…

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