Now, no one likes a good laugh more than me – except maybe my wife. Oh and my wife’s mother. My wife’s uncle too, he likes a good laugh…

My name is Christian Cawley. I’m a writer and web designer from England, and Quintessential Comedy (QC for short) is the home of my opinions and thoughts of all things comedy.

Much of what you see here will be current; reviews, comments, thoughts, that sort of thing. There’s also a handy news feed in the sidebar there for you to keep tabs on Ricky Gervais’ latest award. I’ll also be dropping my own material in on occasion, as well as publishing essays – in serial format – of some of the content from the original Quintessential Comedy.

Quintessential Comedy started life as a noble but badly executed attempt to create a site devoted to British Comedy in a similar format to the Doctor Who website

It soon became apparent that passages of wonder at the genius of the Pythons wasn’t going to attract many readers in an age of Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr and Mitchell & Webb.

As such, Quintessential Comedy was reformatted as a blog. A bit like what you see here.

So please, enjoy, subscribe, tell others – but most of all contribute. Tell me I’m wrong. Email me at and set me straight

Most of all though, let’s have a good laugh.