So a strange thing happened this morning. Bruce, my eldest (by two minutes) announced that yes, following the previous evening’s discussion, he would very much like to cook a three course meal this evening.

Our boy has long held the seemingly unreachable ambition of being a dancing-chef-rock star, and we know he likes to help in the kitchen, so it wasn’t completely out of the blue. After breakfast, we set about conceiving a menu, which didn’t take long, and while he was at school Ceri and I sorted the ingredients (although she didn’t know what to expect) and I made some dough.

After school, we started on the dessert, which we found in a vegan/dairy free book, Bosh!. Bruce and I then worked together to prep and start the main, before making and baking the starter.

Bruce’s menu:

  • Doughballs with garlic butter or sourcream dip
  • Seafood paella
  • Chocolate, peanut, and raspberry brownie with cream or ice cream

The resulting meal was really very good. Bruce picked dishes that didn’t conflict, the starter was sufficiently light, and although I got the timing slightly wrong on the doughballs and paella, nothing was cold, nothing was too hot, it was all delicious.

So, a big thank you to Bruce for doing such a great job helping, to Erin-rose for sorting out the table, and to Daisy for sitting nicely and eating LOADS.