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A Tree of Time and Facing the Past

I don’t know when I started writing stories, but it definitely happened at primary school, initially at the instruction of teachers. My stories seemed to stand out more than my schoolfriends’ efforts, so much so that we would still talk about them months or even years later. One strand of tales involved a…

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Meet Eric Auton

A New Year’s resolution has been to share more of the things I’ve been working on. I tend to hold on to things with the hope of improving them over time, but of course this rarely happens as time is short. However, I have returned to the story of Eric Auton and his…

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Story: Pete’s Fish

The sunlight strobed across still, rippling sea, the reflection dazzling Pete’s eyes. Distracted, his half-full wine bottle toppled off the wooden picnic bench, exploding on the pale concrete. He stood to wipe himself down with the sleeve of his already-grubby tunic. Already, he was worrying about the fish. If it wasn’t the weather…

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