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Scripts and Things: What I Learned from the Comedy Writing Workshop

Following on from my notes about the comedy workshop I attended, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the material from the session. Two intensive scripting exercises were set during the day, in between talking, “workshopping,” and watching the first episode of Modern Family. The first was a…

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I Attended a Sitcom and Comedy Writing Workshop!

As previous posts will indicate, I have spent many years dabbling with various comedy scripts. I’ve regularly entered the BBC Writer’s Room Sitcom scheme, for example, with a couple of other initiatives and competitions along the way. I have four or five scripts drifting around, but so far failed to get anywhere with…

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Chipping Away at the Coal Face of Comedy

Odd thing about this blog is that I find it hard to just be me, rather than the writer guy who is doing well. Guiding people through the world of tech is one thing. It’s not what I see myself doing long-term, however. Instead, I want to write novels. Maybe comic strips. Perhaps…

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