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The Ghosts of British Sitcom

I have recently been unwell. A by-product of this – the waking hours, at least – was finally getting the chance to watch Ghosts, the much-loved BBC sitcom/comedy drama (depending on how your bread is buttered on such distinctions). Having already enjoyed the first episode previously, I launched in to episode 2, but……

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Audio from The Riding Officer

As promised, here is an audio sample from the recent Sitcom Trials performance of The Riding Officer! Hope if gives you a chuckle… Listen to the first part of The Riding Officer

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The Riding Officer

So – entered a competition recently. The Sitcom Trials at The Lass O’Gowrie in Manchester took place last night, and my first complete (well, ten minutes) comedy script got as far as being performed along two others! Based on the barely-known job of the Riding Officers of the North Yorkshire coast in the…

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