The great Sid James

The great Sid James

So a lot of work has been done over recent months with the aim of positioning myself so basically survive outside the traditional workplace.

By focussing on these income streams, a few sacrifices are having to be made – and one of these is

My “great idea” of 2006 was to have a website like Doctor Who site Kasterborous that focussed on British comedy. However interest in that subject is much broader than interest in Doctor Who, and content seemed to favour my own preferred shows and acts.

While I’m happy with some of the things the site achieved, on the whole it has not been a success. Existing posts on that site will be imported here and added to the archive for posterity.

Beyond the loss of QC, I’m intending to generate income from the following sources over the next 8 to 12 months:

  • Brighthub
  • Kasterborous book
  • Kasterborous and related items
  • The Gadget Monkey
  • (Re)issuing The Beatles book

Obviously my date of transition is commerically sensitive in more ways that one; suffice to say that there are plenty of other projects in development in a less developed state.

The Gadget Monkey, despite the failed experiment of having contributors, will be repositioned as a more intimate, how-to tech blog with the odd news item courtesy of PR and revenue-paying posts. The chequered history of this site puzzles me, given its success in 2008, but what I can draw from that is that at some point I was doing things right.