Something I’ve found whilst engaged in the activity of developing a career as a freelance writer is the lack of any free time.

That’s not to say there is none – it’s simply that it seems very limited and irregular.

For example today I wrote 4 guides for Football Manager 2010 for submission to Brighthub. Usually I would expect to write 7-10 in one day, but I took the opportunity of writing about the game to play it at the same time. While this slowed me down and resulted in lower output, it has been quite an easy day.

The problem with “easy days” however is the feeling of guilt that follows them. For me, an easy day means a day in which more could be achieved.

I don’t want to use this blog purely as a sounding board for this sort of thing or even focus too much on writing – however it if there had been any opportunity 5  years ago to see where I would be now, I would have done things a bit differently, no least by making sure we had some money in the kitty to make the big step of dropping 9-5 in favour of  writing 7-4 more manageable.

Of course, I could just make more free time…