I woke up on Sunday morning with a vague recollection that something rather smashing had come my way this weekend.

Due to the intake of wine the evening before, however, I wasn’t quite able to collect my thoughts for long enough for it to really hit home.

(I should add at this stage – I’m cursed with terrible hangovers. A few pints will leave me unable to function for at least a full day, turning me from a workaholic into a cabbaged sofa-dweller in a bad mood. Therefore I tend to avoid booze.)

While I had only had the one glass of wine, I opted to sleep it off as best I could – giving me the chance to think about what I would do with aforementioned opportunity (which for reasons of “jinx” I won’t be mentioning here).

The title of this post is accurate, however – it genuinely is a big opportunity for me, something I never imagined I would be offered. No more talk on that for now, however!

In the meantime I’ve been working on developing The Gadget Monkey. Three writers have been hired, and a new version of the current look is in development. Mockup page layouts in Photoshop are almost complete, with just the manual conversion to CSS required.

This last stage can prove tricky when using WordPress, if my experience with migrating Kasterborous is anything to go by.

However I’m pretty excited by the prospect of writers on The Gadget Monkey again – the brand name is a strong one for a small blog, and with regular posts I can attract advertising and invest this into the site.