I am a fan of chocolate brownies. You may already know this. Recently I was able to sample the baked chocolate squares on offer at the Starbucks coffee chain, specifically at the Monks Cross branch in York, England.

A chocolate brownie is on the menu – but will it meet my expectations, or surpass them, securing its position as the tastiest chocolate brownie on Earth?

Starbucks Coffee

Unlike my previous trip to Monks Cross, the weather this time didn’t demand hot drinks and chocolate cake; instead it wasn’t too different to the scene portrayed above.

However, this is a quest to find the tastiest brownie, so rather than opting for something lighter, it was tea and cake for me.

The verdict? Well, I think a brownie is essentially two elements: the cake itself, and the accompanying drink. As Starbucks have this insane modus operandi of serving tea in a giant mug of water (just enough to be unable to tell if it has brewed or not without constantly serving it, resulting in a stewed drink), it means that a bad brownie is difficult to assess.

In this case, the overly heavy brownie was an accomplish in a poor snack, served as it was alongside one of the most horrendous cups of tea ever served in God’s Own County.

It really shouldn’t have been this way.

Based on this experience, it would seem that Costa Coffee’s chocolate brownie has nothing to worry about, unless they do something ridiculous like bringing out a white chocolate version…