Amazing. People still expend energy on the pointless, low-paying slog that is “article rewriting”. This is, for those of you who don’t know, the “art” of taking an existing article and rewriting it.

There’s no additional research; it isn’t being inspired by an article and taking the concepts in a new direction, reinterpreting as you see fit.

No, it’s a literal rewrite, changing the words to avoid claims of plagiarism.

Not only do people still want this sort of content, writers of low ability (presumably mostly with English as a second language) are still taking these low paying gigs.

Having never applied for such a writing task (I feel “job” overstates things somewhat) I can’t really comment on how easy or tough it is. However, the apparent effort involved seems to  me to be more or less the same as researching a topic and writing about it.

So why waste time simply rewriting someone else’s work? I’ll be frank: if you’re doing this, then you’re not a writer. You’re just editing, for pennies.