This is quite an exciting day – the opportunity to earn my “bill money” in the space of 5 articles rather than the usual 8!

As I write this, a virtual installation of Windows XP is taking place (onto which a security application I’m testing will be installed) while simoultaneously a second security-related app is working in the background.

This is week 3 of my freelancing career; it is still early days, although I certainly feel as though I have learnt a lot about how I respond to pressure, not to mention when I’m most productive (mornings)!

There are currently two regular gigs – DeviceMAG and of course Brighthub – but I’m still trying to find that third, key regular gig or establish some sort of semi-regular, high paying gig that might allow me to spend a couple of hours less on the important work and an extra hour on the personal projects.

Meanwhile, the Kasterborous book is nearing completion, although it will require a concerted effort to be ready in time…