It’s a bank holiday Monday. I have a weekly schedule that I stick to (quite well) but there is something missing: regular blogging.

I mean, I *say* this, but most of my work – 50% at least – is technically blogging. I just do it on other sites, whether paid to by massive corporations, SMEs, or smart start-ups, or even my own projects. My main focus throughout 2022 was, which has hit a couple of notable milestones lately, not least making 100,000 views. I’ve got a nice little team helping me explore the world of retro gaming, too, so I’m pleased with how that is working out.

Now, I do keep a journal; sometimes I update it daily, but usually it’s a case of adding things in bulk, perhaps weekly, three entries at a time, cross-referenced with my calendar. Like keeping this blog up to date, I find that is not particularly satisfactory, but it does work. Although I miss recording feelings about things (as any passion on a particular subject or event has subsided by the time I come to write about it) it nevertheless serves as a good reference to what I did on what day.

For example, here’s a snippet from January 2nd, 2022:

“The working year commences tomorrow. Completed script seems achievable.”

There is a bit more to it (thoughts I wouldn’t share outside of my family) and in fairness this did happen a few days after the washing machine started burning (on my birthday), which would have made a far more interesting entry to regale you with, but digressions be damned!

The point is, I have decided to blog more regularly. This is partly due to the influence of a group of writers I occasionally play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with (on the Nintendo Switch), but also to the realisation that the last entry here was almost 12 months ago and even then was a food review almost 6 months too late.

To this effect, I have added a 30 minute daily window into my schedule for my journal and this blog, which I will attempt to vaguely alternate between. I expect this will be hard for me; given my mediocre writing beyond the realms of “do this, then that, then it works” it will likely be pretty tough for you too, so thanks in advance for sticking with it.

Happy New Year!

A quick felicitation wishing you the best in 2023. Cheers!