I seem to have been working on this book for years but I thought it might be good to confirm that I still intend to complete the Barry Meat travel guide to Yorkshire.

With scant time to learn, I have nevertheless got to grips with Canva and have several pages laid out with the text and placeholders for the photos. If you missed the earlier post on this, the book will feature only original photos by me, of locations in Yorkshire “hilariously” repurposed and captioned. (There is a possibily I will rely on an AI tool for one image, unless I can find enough chalk paint.)

In case you were unaware, Barry Meat is of course the former lead singer with Slitorist and astonishingly a mayor. He’s up for re-election this way for the Yorkshire Triangle, a collection of three districts: Crabladder, Banjostring, and Fannyride.

He’s a little grumpy these days, has a bunch of silly rock’n’roll tour tales/tall stories, and is very much off the sauce and the drugs. His wife says he’s off the sex, as well.

As you can see, Barry is quite busy on social media, although he prefers to keep the administrative duties to his official mayoral account. That’s all pretty dull stuff to be honest – street sweepers causing an orgy of rats, the opening of a lactose-intolerant toilet block, etc. – but his “rock star” account is far more entertaining. Although his spelling and grammar are atrocious (he won’t mind me saying.)

If I achieve anything in 2023, it will finally be finishing this book. Fingers crossed!