…and I’m running out of time!

My life “working for the man” ends in just 5 days time. After a weeks leave (during which time I’ll be playing host to friends from the USA) I will be booting up my PC on Monday, 4th of October at around 7am ready to start my new career.

Except of course, I won’t be starting my new career, just expanding a previously smaller career.

Using the word career itself is an interesting term, but I’ll come to that another time.

More pertinent today is the amount of time I’ve had – a month – between handing in my notice and finishing on Friday, and how little I seem to have got out of the way and prepared for the beginning of my career as a full-time, freelance writer.

A lot of this has to do with Kasterborous, and getting the redesign right. However that is only a portion of the things I had planned, and I’m now left with quite a few tasks to finalise, something that won’t occur until October.

These are things like tidying folders on the PC, preparing the office, etc, although thankfully I have had time to pick a PC build (and saved 200 quid by opting for AMD Phenom II over Intel Core i7.)

There is also the task of buying a bit of office equipment too, but that is definitely going to be a last minute task come October.

All in all though, with a few days to go, I’m upbeat, positive and really looking forward to it!