So, here we are on the brink of a new career, and really a new way of living, not to mention working.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into daily writing, as well as spreading my wings with the other projects, which regular readers will be aware of.

So once the leaving party takes place in a few hours time (a few games of snooker, pool and a Chinese buffet) and my wedding anniversary on Friday is enjoyed (5 happy years!) and get the weekend out of the way, I’ll be enjoying a week of doing Very Little (something I find quite hard to do) with my wife and some friends.

October 4th is the Big Day!

As things stand, the plan is to role up at 7am to my desk, sort out some emails and achieve a days planning and 2 articles for Bright Hub before 9am.

With a break for a cup of tea and some Kasterborous news, I’ll be kicking off again and writing until 12 noon.

1pm until 2pm will see me resume Bright Hub work, with the remainder of the afternoon split between promoting content in relevant places (no spamming!), managing my websites, and working on ongoing projects such as Ultimate Regeneration.

After breaking for dinner at 5.30pm, ongoing, premium project work will continue 3 nights per week, while I’ll be on the look out for smaller gigs 3 times a week. Finances will be dealt with every Friday afternoon, meanwhile, and weekends will be free for leisure/work overspill. We’re hoping for a few leisurely weekends to start with though!

None of this would have been possible without the support of my totally wonderful wife, Ceri. Her support has been immense over the years, and I hope that once we have come to terms with this new way of life (which it really is) I can focus on helping her achieve her own dreams of running her own business.