News from the Environment Agency finally proves that everyone is after the raft of free benefits that the British Government hands out without blinking to asylum seekers and minorities.

Now everybody at the Department of the Environment or whatever it’s called these days is concerned that the UK is shrinking as well as sinking.  One day it’s rising sea levels, the next it’s coastal erosion.

Have you seen “Homes from Hell”?  I caught it the other day, and there was a couple on their bemoaning their plush gardens falling off a cliff and into the sea, and speculating what might happen to their home in years to come.

For fucks sake, you paid for a sea view, you got a sea view.  Of course the insurance doesn’t cover your house falling off a cliff – because you bought a house on a cliff.  What did you expect, your garden to get longer?!  No wonder cheap immigrant labour dominates British cities if we’re this stupid.

And while I’m on the subject, the only reason the coastline is under threat from erosion from the sea is that mermaids are trying to get into the country to claim disability.