Most months I spend the majority of my spare time flipping between Kasterborous news items and writing and submitting content to Brighthub. Most of the K stuff gets done on a morning or evening, while the Brighthub content takes up a lot of my weekends.

Obviously this can prove frustrating, especially when I’m trying to attend to other tasks, such as the odd household job or other writing jobs or projects. It’s nice to be able to chill out and play Civilization IV or Football Manager 2010, but sometimes these opportunities don’t come along often.

Thankfully following some organizational changes at Brighthub I’m now able to spend less time on articles by utilizing some advanced planning – the result of this is that I’m now able to have a weekend off!


In fact it works even better, as this weekend I’ve been largely doing other things (visits to garden centres with Mrs C, paying a visit to my grandma). With today being January 31st and the last weekend of the month an February being  a short month, I’ve effectively got two weeks before I have to submit any further content to Brighthub.

While Kasterborous news items will of course continue, this gives me a good opportunity to get on with some other projects I’ve had on the back burner for a while…