from the Sun

Not so much comedy as insanely optimistic, the a fundraising effort for the North East Air Ambulance resulted in an attempt to break the world record for girls in bikinis in one place failing miserably on Sunday July 20th, on the cold and frigid location of Redcar seafront in North Yorkshire.A paltry 320 entrants fell considerably short of Bondi Beach’s impressive 1010, and while there were plenty of north east fellas out to check out the talent, the girls themselves ranged from lovely to alien.

“The place is buzzing – it’s generated a huge amount of interest as well as raising an awful lot of money for the air ambulance,” said Mike Robson of Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary Club.

“We’re very grateful to everyone who has helped, including our sponsors and, of course, the girls, who have all been great sports.”

So a successful fundraising attempt in the end, and while the scantily clad ladies didn’t break the world record, they certainly brought a new meaning to the term “Redcar Front”…