I could be playing a videogame. Or I could be revising Aliens vs Nazis for the 90th time.

As it is, I’m wondering about the fate of a couple of scripts that I’ve entered into competitions (Red Planet and BBC Writers Room) in the past 6 months.

I’ve no doubt that neither has been successful; I’m certain that the organizers of these initiatives are on the ball, and let the winners know. I just wish they’d issue the occasional communique, even if it’s just “if you haven’t heard from us by now…”

The thing is, I wouldn’t have submitted anything if the scripts didn’t work. No confidence=no entry as far as I’m concerned. I have absolute faith in the ideas, characters and plots; and I guess, I’m waiting for them to be mine again. Waiting for the opportunity to work with them in a new, different way, a way that will prove once and for all that my belief and confidence is accurate.

It’s easy enough to let rejection — or lack of news — get you down as a writer. Discouragement and self-pity are bad things, however. Regardless of whether you’re writing a 60 minute script, or a tutorial for Linux newcomers, don’t let any rejection mean anything more than having to rewrite and try again.