Damn. I really don’t want to keep banging on about this… but things haven’t quite been sorted out with the use of my name at www.kasterborous.com.

What’s worse, I thought things had been fixed… which superficially, they have. The problem is that the solution taken by Kasterborous’ new owners breaches my copyright. Not classy.

So, if you read the previous post, in which I explained how my Kasterborous profile had been used to publish pro-gambling content on a family website, you’ll know that I was pretty put out at this. You should hopefully be pleased to learn that my efforts weren’t completely in vain, and that my name was taken off the article, which is now attributed to one “Max”.

And herein lies the problem. When the change was made, it seems that the administrator account – previously mine – was simply renamed from Christian Cawley to “Max”. This resulted in the offending post being credited to Max… along with every single post I wrote in an 11 year stewardship. We’re talking 1000s of articles.

This is, of course, an infringement of my copyright. Those posts were sold with the site, but their use or misuse is mine to decide (and the same is true of every post by other contributors). I have not agreed to any change in the attribution of the posts – some of which exist within the Ultimate Regeneration book. That’s a problem for the new owners, but, again, SheKnows Media are not speaking to me. I know that my polite messages to them on Facebook Messenger (the only reliable way to get in touch if the earlier complaint is anything to go by) are being read, but it seems no one there is capable of writing.

At present, I’m exploring the options with regard to DMCA notice. This is obviously disappointing, frustrating, and ultimately very silly. And it could have been avoided.